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Madness Tribute.

2007-08-10 06:43:08 by XRaider

My madness combat tribute- Madness Abomination is about a guy named Steve who works at a police station, he works with his best friend Michael.

One day he goes to visit Michael and finds him dead on the floor with a note attatched to him. The note says "Michael was a good guy but it was really fun killing him >:3"

He takes the note to the police station to scan it for fingerprints. The fingerprints are those of the leader of the big company known as "Guns 'R' Us"

Steve swears to take revenge on his friend and kill all that get in his way. This is where the animation begins.

Anyways I have a scene to show you all of the animation. I have started on the other scene and almost finished but I will not show you yet. You will all just have to wait for the Alpha I make for it...

Anyways here is the animation I am going to show you... ibute.php

Enjoy <3


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2007-08-11 02:36:01

Sweet. Can't wait to see it.
: <3

XRaider responds:

=D, me too lol.

You got the first comment.
I bet people are going to love this.


2007-08-13 22:18:25

Anyway, I just caught on but, I really don't like the shade of blue you picked for his gloves, it's like Blue. But not a cool blue. Make it match his outfit because it's totally clashing with everything. Lol. But still looks great.

XRaider responds:

I might change it if other people don't like it.


2007-08-19 20:37:06


XRaider responds:

I know. Off-topic but how is Onsetation going?


2007-08-20 11:25:11

Looks NICE!!I hope it passes!!

XRaider responds:

It will. It is not as bad as some crappy tributes that take-what 3 minutes to make and are at 1fps or something like that. Unluckily this will not be out on Madness Day. The latest this will be out is late January - Early February.


2007-08-22 00:56:04

Don't change the blue. It's awesome. it went really good with the blood on his hand. Also, re-send it to me so i can use it for Lenny's guards.

XRaider responds:

Ok, I won't change the blue. Sorry about the colours I forgot, I'll send them ASAP.


2007-08-29 05:44:31

Man this shows awesomness.

i hope there will be alot of ownage in this!!! :D

XRaider responds:

Fuck, there is so much ownage in this it will blow you away. Buuuuut... One thing. It can't be out by madness day. I am not even 1/4 done.


2007-09-02 19:07:14

If it's 1/4 done then take your time and post it next Madness Day :3

XRaider responds:

If I finish way before next Madness Day I won't make too much suspence!


2007-09-10 11:45:33

Cant wait, you were (no doubt) the best animator at the neurosis collab.

XRaider responds:

Thanks. I agree with you, but everyone in the collab has improved HEAPS, especially Littleluckylink.


2007-10-13 23:00:25

looks good man. i don't really like the blue though /=


2007-11-26 18:50:04

can i have the link to your sprites(the ones yk-blaze used in MNC2


2008-03-29 08:05:49

Damn the page doesnt work. That sounded awesome. Cant wait for it :D