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I'm back :)

2011-11-11 08:43:21 by XRaider

Read the title.


2008-12-15 07:38:57 by XRaider


Madness Tribute.

2007-08-10 06:43:08 by XRaider

My madness combat tribute- Madness Abomination is about a guy named Steve who works at a police station, he works with his best friend Michael.

One day he goes to visit Michael and finds him dead on the floor with a note attatched to him. The note says "Michael was a good guy but it was really fun killing him >:3"

He takes the note to the police station to scan it for fingerprints. The fingerprints are those of the leader of the big company known as "Guns 'R' Us"

Steve swears to take revenge on his friend and kill all that get in his way. This is where the animation begins.

Anyways I have a scene to show you all of the animation. I have started on the other scene and almost finished but I will not show you yet. You will all just have to wait for the Alpha I make for it...

Anyways here is the animation I am going to show you... ibute.php

Enjoy <3